Bowls & Brews
11492 N. Ventura Ave. Ojai, 93023                 

bowls are made with organic greens & produce direct from local farmers, John at Rio Gozo & BD at Earth Trine. dressings & sauces are house made

Ageta Keru, fried organic ojai valley kale    3 

Sote’ Edamame, organic edamame sauteed in stir-fry sauce     4   

La’ Qingdou Green Beans, organic green beans sauteed in spicy stir-fry sauce     5   

Yubi Chikin Strips, fried chicken strips with browned butter vinaigrette & asian slaw     7

Tom Chien Shrimp, salt & pepper fried shrimp w/sesame seeds & red chili dipping sauce  12

salads (all salads are vegan, dressings & sauces are house made)

Local Lettuce Mix Salad, arugula, black kale, cabbage, romaine, tossed in your choice of dressing; (tahini or sesame tangerine vinaigrette).    10  

Westside Mandarin Salad, arugula, green beans, torpedo onion, tangerines, cilantro, tossed in our
sesame tangerine vinaigrette.    11   

Canyon Curry Salad, cabbage, shaved carrots, avocado, microgreens, pumpkin seeds, tossed in our sesame tangerine vinaigrette, drizzled with our curry sauce.    11.50    

Gozo Valley Salad, romaine lettuce, radishes, green beans, broccoli, microgreens, toasted pumpkin
seeds, tossed with our tahini dressing.    11.50    

Trine Hill Salad, black kale, beets, avocado, fried garbanzo beans, tossed in our tahini dressing,
drizzled with our green herb sauce.    12   

add a protein; tofu + 2.50,  chicken or duck + 3.50,   beef or shrimp or rockfish filet   +5

soup & ramen style bowls
all of our broths are house made from scratch not powders or bouillon 

Bageecha Vegan Curry Soup, mixed vegetables, garbazo beans, torpedo onion, simmered in our curry broth, served with steamed rice13.50   (vegan)  

Noka Chikin Soup, rice noodles, roasted chicken, mixed vegetables, & power greens, simmered in our poultry/mushroom broth.  13.50

Kawa Duck Soup, buckwheat soba noodles, roast duck, broccoli, torpedo onion, shitake mushroom
simmered in our house made poultry/mushroom broth, topped with arugula.   14

Rifu Seafood Soup, rice noodles, shrimp, rockfish, power greens, simmered in green herb broth, garnished with organic edamame.  16   

Wan-ye Vegetable Ramen, wheat ramen noodles, simmered in our vegan vegetable broth, mixed vegetables, power greens, tofu, shitake mushrooms, radishes & microgreens.   14  (vegan)  

Zhu Pork Belly Ramen, wheat ramen noodles, simmered in poultry/mushroom broth, topped with slow roasted pork belly, soft boiled organic egg, shitake mushrooms, radishes & microgreens.   15

 Bokujo Beef Ramen, wheat ramen noodles, in poultry/mushroom broth, with beef tenderloin, soft boiled organic egg, shitake mushrooms, radishes & microgreens.   16

quinoa bowls                           
all are over a bed of quinoa & locally grown power greens (mixed kale & chard)

Garden Quinoa, vegetables, tahini dressing, green herb sauce, microgreens & avocado.  13  (vegan)

Forester Quinoa, sautéed chicken & shitake mushrooms, hoisin sauce & sesame seeds.   15

Ranger Quinoa, sautéed beef & broccoli green herb sauce, cilantro & toasted pumpkin seeds.    15

Coastal Quinoa, sautéed shrimp, beets, microgreens, avocado, fried garbanzo, tahini dressing. 16

rice bowls
substitute white rice with brown rice + 1

Nongmin Fried Rice, stir-fried rice, mixed vegetables & power greens, with organic egg,   11
add a protein; tofu + 2.50,  chicken or duck + 3.50,   beef or shrimp or rockfish filet   +5     

Inaka Rice, white rice, sautéed beef & shitake mushrooms, over steamed rice, topped with fried
organic egg, arugula, hoisin sauce & sesame seeds.    15

Alwadi Rice, sautéed chicken & broccoli, over steamed rice, topped with avocado, fried garbanzo
beans, our tahini dressing & green herb sauce.    15

Machhua Rice, curry sautéed fresh wild rockfish filet & green beans, over steamed rice, topped with microgreens & toasted pumpkin seeds.    15

Oli Rice, sautéed shredded duck, cabbage, shaved carrots, over steamed rice, topped with hoisin sauce, sesame seeds & cilantro.    15

stir-fry noodle bowls
all are tossed in our own house made stir-fry sauce

Chicken Chow Mein, asian wheat noodles & shredded roast chicken,     12.50           
substitute beef tenderloin or shrimp  +3,    sustitute duck  +2

Vegetable Mein, asian wheat noodles organic power greens & vegetables,     11   (vegan)  
add a protein; tofu + 2.50,  chicken or duck + 3.50,   beef or shrimp or rockfish filet   +5     

Tofu Mifen, rice noodles, tofu, broccoli, torpedo onion, topped with green herb sauce.  13  (vegan)    

Rockfish Nam Mi Gao, rice noodles, shitake mushrooms & wild pacific rockfish sauteed with our house made stir fry sauce.   15

Shrimp Soba Miantao, buckwheat soba noodles, shrimp, green beans, topped with green herb
sauce & arugula.   16

Our menu has many gluten-free options & gluten free-modifications upon request & availability, but keep in mind if you have severe allergies, our kitchen is a not gluten free environment, so although we will do our best, we can not guarantee a 100% gluten-free product 
gluten-free soy sauce opon request


local brews
Locally crafted by Island Brewing of Carpinteria…..6

Tropical Lager,    Blonde Kolsh Style Ale,    Avocado Honey Ale,    Hopliner I.P.A.         

Local Kombucha (non alcoholic) on tap by Revel of Ojai…...6